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For the 2023 season, Berries by the Bay will be offering both fresh and frozen Saskatoon and Haskap berries, with the options of farmgate pickup, U-Pick, as well as delivery for bulk orders. We are pleased to be adding raspberries and tart cherries to our future offerings! 

What are Haskap berries?

Originating in Asia, Haskap berries are long and ovular in shape with a fleshy blue skin, the flavour of which is sometimes described as a cross between blueberries and raspberries.

North America’s newest superfruit, Haskaps contain a multitude of vitamins and are higher in antioxidants than blueberries. Haskap berries are incredibly versatile and have great commercial potential. Beyond more traditional uses such as jams and syrups, many businesses are harnessing the unique flavour of these berries to produce wines, liqueurs, and hard ciders.  


The three varieties of Haskaps we grow at Berries by the Bay are Boreal Blizzard, Boreal Beauty, and Boreal Beast, all of which were developed through the University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program.


What are Saskatoon berries?


Saskatoon berries have an appearance somewhat similar to blueberries but tend to be slightly smaller and more purple in colour. They have a unique, sweet, slightly nutty flavour that is difficult to describe – you will just have to stop into Berries by the Bay and try them for yourself! In addition to their excellent taste when eaten fresh and versatility for use in jams, pies, etc, Saskatoon berries are also incredibly rich in nutrients and antioxidants.


The two varieties of Saskatoon berries we currently grow at Berries by the Bay are JB30 and Martin, both sourced from PPS Fruit Trees in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


We had hopes of and were in the initial stages of establishing a Saskatoon berry orchard prior to departing Saskatchewan in 2007 and we are now fulfilling that vision years later along the shores of Lake Ontario. We hope to see you at Berries by the Bay during our second season so we can share our passion for these delicious prairie berries with you!

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